Decipherment Of Disappeared Ink: A Case Study


  • Deshpande Hemantini
  • Mulani Khudbudin



Forensic Science, Disappearing ink


The disappeared or invisible inks are fluids used to for secret writing. Invisible inks are revealed by heat, chemical reaction and UV light. Disappearing inks are acid base indicators showing different colours at different pH. Writing with this type of ink disappears after about 65 h.These ink could be used for forging the documents such as agreements, cheques, property documents and other important documents. Many destructive and non-destructive methods are available for forensic decipherment of these disappeared writing. In present communication a simple non destructive method is applied for decipherment of disappeared signatures on share transfer agreement and other related documents.




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Deshpande Hemantini, & Mulani Khudbudin. (2018). Decipherment Of Disappeared Ink: A Case Study. Brazilian Journal of Forensic Sciences, Medical Law and Bioethics, 7(3), 156–161.